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Nanowrimo 2020 day 2

Hannah stood beside the door until five to five, uncomfortably aware of the weight pressing down through the soles of her feet. She needed new shoe liners. Her muscles and joints could take the hours of standing up straight, but her heels were becoming, frankly, hooves.  The room emptied, then filled again as a group... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo 2020 day 1

I don't know what this one is called yet - it's a heist story about elderly witches. (For NaNoWriMo people dare themselves to write 50,000 words of fiction in a month without going back to edit. I've started and not completed it for several years. It's great fun!) The gallery was really far too warm... Continue Reading →

piano, a deer, wood + trees

By the numbers: 16 hours paid work, mainly gardening, some tidying shed, 18 hours screen time on my phone (this will increase next week when my !!new!! !!phone!! arrives), 3 people viewed my house, 0 made offers,I'd really love to know how much time my Spotify account spends playing music in a week - I... Continue Reading →

Invisabul allotment progress

New rake arrived from Amazon and I went up to the plot before work to move more plant matter from the ground to the compost bin. It is completely imperceptible in my before and after photos! I'm not kidding, those are the progress photos. 😂

Term 1 roundup (q4 2019)

My self-set modules were: Produce 5kg of food, Publish fiction, Study soil, Study turbines. I harvested 1.5 kg of Jerusalem artichokes that were in the plot when I took tenancy. 1.5/5, 30%, a fail. I did not publish. I got to like 3k words of Nanowrimo and then got, I dunno, a cold or a... Continue Reading →

Loom knitting: first two attempts

YouTube video from the channel "LoomAHat' helped me cast on and do two rows. Then this happened. She was so proud! I let her keep it, because my yarn tension was so crap on the first try anyway. Started again a few days later, holding the round much much looser and still loosening it as... Continue Reading →

Skivemas allotment visit

I thought I was going to be up at the plot every morning this week but it didn't seem to turn out that way. Sunday morning was a 'look, you can't not go all week' kind of emergency. It was really lovely! No idea if my peas or beans have shown any growth, because I... Continue Reading →

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